Law Firm Specializing in Cannabis Law

McAllister Garfield is a law firm with lawyers in Colorado, California, and Oregon. Primarily, we focus on Colorado and California, because those are the two most successful states to date and the biggest markets that are both adult use and medical.

We start companies up, help them raise money, and help them design return to investors. All that is compliant with state regulatory laws. Then we help them do due diligence on assets that they’re looking to acquire. So we help them understand whether buying this business or that business is a good opportunity. That includes looking at the background of the sellers, looking into their regulatory compliance, structuring the deal in a way that protects our clients.

Once they buy a business, we help them understand how to comply with the rules. If while they operate they happen to break one of those rules, we also do a lot of license defense work when people are accused of regulatory violations. In fact in Colorado, we did more license defense cases in the last three years than any other law firm.

After they’ve been operating for a while, they might either want to grow or sell the business. We do a ton of mergers and acquisitions at the end of the lifecycle. And that starts the company up, helps them understand the rules, defends them when they mess it up, and then helps them buy or sell a license at the end of the day.

You will see a continued influx of public money and private equity money. And if you can position yourself correctly, within just a few years time, you can build a significant asset and make a huge return that isn’t available in other industries.

So that’s what we specialize in. Our lawyers handle everything from business transaction to real estate, to licensing agreements, intellectual property work on the trademark side, real estate work. Again, we are a full cycle lifecycle law firm dedicated to the cannabis industry. And that’s why we call ourselves cannabis business counsel attorneys.