Psychedelics Law

Sean McAllister

McAllister Law Office: Leading Experts in Psychedelic Law

McAllister Law Office is a pioneer in the emerging expertise of psychedelics law. The Firm serves a wide variety of participants interested in psychedelics, from religious spiritual practitioners to psychedelic-assisted therapists, ketamine clinics, and pharmaceutical companies interested in the space. The Firm’s work in psychedelics has included:

  • Advising doctors, therapists, and licensed professionals on psychedelic-assisted therapy, including licensure defense in front of state regulators;
  • Advising entrepreneurs on emerging state-regulated systems such as Colorado’s Natural Medicine Health Act (Proposition 122) and other state’s laws (including CA and OR);
  • Advising pharmaceutical startups;
  • Advising spiritual organizations looking to obtain a religious exemption from criminal law for the use of psychedelics under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act;
  • Seeking DEA licensure for companies to manufacture Schedule I drugs lawfully in the United States;
  • General business counsel for entrepreneurs from startup to exit;
  • Assessment of intellectual property issues;
  • Real estate leasing issues, and more.