Psychedelics Law

Sean McAllister is a pioneer in the emerging expertise of psychedelics law. He serves a wide variety of participants interested in psychedelics, from religious spiritual practitioners to psychedelic assisted therapists, ketamine clinics and pharmaceutical companies interested in the space. Sean’s services include:

  • General business counsel for entrepreneurs from startup to exit;
  • Consulting on the meaning and implementation of Colorado‚Äôs Natural Medicine Health Act;
  • Consulting with plant medicine churches and medicine people on the boundaries of religious freedom and the use of psychedelics;
  • Consulting with doctors and therapists about the legal uncertainties of psychedelic assisted therapy;
  • Obtaining DEA licensure to allow companies to legally manufacture and research Schedule I substances;
  • Obtaining state or local licensing for various psychedelic projects;
  • Assessment of intellectual property issues;
  • Real estate leasing issues, and more.

If you are interested in our services in this area, please contact Sean McAllister at