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McAllister Law Office – Psychedelic Law Update – June 2024

McAllister Law Office – Psychedelic Law Update – June 2024

1. With Sean McAllister as one of their lawyers, The Church of The Eagle and The Condor is recognized as the third religious organization authorized to use ayahuasca in the United States.  In a career highlight, I was honored to one of five lawyers representing The Church of The Eagle and The Condor (“CEC”) in […]

Navigating New Realms: The Crucial Role Of Legal Guidance In Psychedelic Business Start-Ups

In recent years, the interest in psychedelics for therapeutic purposes has surged, offering a promising frontier in both medical science and entrepreneurship. However, the burgeoning field of psychedelic businesses also presents a unique set of legal challenges. For start-ups in this industry, navigating the complex regulatory environment is not just about compliance, but also about […]

Sean’s work in the psychedelic field

Sean McAllister discusses his work in the psychedelic field on a recent podcast

Colorado MED (Sort of) Clarifies Use of Hemp as an Ingredient

In response to a growing list of stakeholders asking about the use of THC and other cannabidiols from industrial hemp by licensed marijuana businesses, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”) today issued an industry bulletin. Industrial hemp product is not permitted to be further processed or extracted before or after inclusion in a marijuana […]

Denver Enacts Marijuana Social Equity and Delivery Program

Friends, On April 20, 2021, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed two bills that will have significant and lasting impacts on the local marijuana industry. Since early 2020 the Denver city council has planned to enact legislation creating a social equity program and marijuana delivery program that coincides with state regulations. Below, we discuss some the […]


Hemp-derived Delta 8-THC has recently received attention as a possible legal alternative to Delta 9-THC derived from regulated cannabis.  The hemp-derived Delta 8 issue has made headlines, from The New York Times to Hemp Industry Daily. Is it legal? It’s unclear at the federal level, and in some states, Delta-8-THC derived from hemp is illegal, […]


Last week, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division issued amendments to rules concerning marijuana contaminants. The new rules go into effect on May 1, 2021. The rules clarify when and how businesses may transfer marijuana prior to testing and procedures associated with testing harvest batches. McAllister Garfield attorneys have unparalleled experience in dealing with testing marijuana […]


On January 15, 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (the “USDA”) issued its final rule regulating the production of industrial hemp under the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. The final rule will become effective March 22, 2021. Here are some highlights: Harvest window. Producers now have 30 days, up from 15, after collecting samples to […]

Denver Releases Draft Licensing Legislation

Friends, The City and County of Denver has released draft legislation expected to be enacted in the second or third quarter of 2021 concerning delivery, hospitality, social equity, and a permanent moratorium on most new licenses. The legislation proposes a permanent moratorium on new medical stores and cultivation facilities and on all retail licenses until […]

Review of California Cannabis Ballot Measures 2020

The California cannabis industry had a big day at the voting booth in 2020. Over thirty municipalities within the State of California approved cannabis measures during this year’s elections. While a number of the ballots that passed are tax or advisory measures, regulatory regimes and licensing ordinances will commonly follow soon thereafter. Encouragingly, many local […]