Hemp/CBD Law

The McAllister Law Office, P.C. has represented hemp and CBD businesses since the beginning of Colorado’s hemp industry, and our clients include some of the industry’s pioneers. Our firm assists hemp and CBD businesses from start up to exit by forming entities, assisting in raising money, drafting transaction documents and commercial leases, and by providing advice on obtaining required licenses. We help clients understand and maintain full compliance with state and federal rules, including FDA and USDA regulations, in this highly regulated industry.

In December 2018, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp as an agricultural commodity in the United States. Hemp and CBD and other cannabinoids derived from hemp are no longer controlled substances under federal law. This has led to great opportunities for businesses engaged in the hemp/CBD space. While the 2018 Farm Bill created a framework for hemp cultivation, each state and tribal government may choose to regulate hemp production in its own way, and each state has its own regulations regarding CBD and other cannabinoids. Recently, the Firm successfully assisted in drafting a tribal hemp plan that the USDA approved. .

Our business attorneys are well versed in hemp laws and conduct 50-state surveys regarding legality of hemp and hemp-derived products including CBD and other cannabinoids. The new legal hemp industry is volatile, and McAllister Garfield’s attorneys help hemp businesses by litigating hemp-related matters and solving commercial and partnership disputes. If you have questions regarding hemp or other hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD, contact The McAllister Law Office.