Why Should You Hire McAllister Garfield P.C. for Cannabis Business Counsel?

National firms don’t understand the complex regulatory regime of cannabis, and that’s what McAllister Garfield specializes in. We specialize in constructing business transaction through the lens of a complicated regulatory scheme. If entrepreneurs go out and hire some big firm that doesn’t understand the cannabis regulatory regime state by state, you will see transaction documents that potentially undermine the entire project. I’ve seen large firms draft contracts that result in people losing their business because they violate the regulator’s rules. You’ve gotta have a cannabis regulatory specialist like McAllister Garfield that also has a business transaction background, as well as a corporate governance background, so you can merge those two areas of law into an effective agreement.

If you just rely on your brother’s business attorney or some big firm lawyer that doesn’t specialize in this, you jeopardize the entire project and you could be putting all your investment at risk. McAllister Garfield prides itself on successful cannabis transactions that pass the regulatory muster and ensure that people are protected and don’t lose their entire investment based on the advice of a lawyer who doesn’t understand the industry.