Updated Potency Testing Requirements For Cultivators & Manufacturers

Effective November 1, 2017, the MED will begin implementing Rule M 1503(C) and (D), which require both medical marijuana cultivators and infused products manufacturers to have their concentrates and products potency tested by a licensed medical marijuana testing facility. These new testing requirements are in addition to the already-implemented rule requiring potency testing for medical marijuana flower. While Rule M 1503(C) and (D) has been effective since July 1, 2016, the MED had not implemented it. The MED announced the new rule via industry bulletin, found here. The new requirements (found here) provide:
  • Rule M 1501(C) – Potency Testing for Medical Marijuana Concentrate. A testing facility must potency test each production batch of concentrate before an OPC or MIP can wholesale, transfer, or process the concentrate.
  • Rule M 1501(D) – Potency Testing for Medical Marijuana-Infused Product. A testing facility must potency test each production batch of infused product a MIP produces before the MIP can transfer or wholesale any of the infused product. The potency tests must determine both the level of concentration of the required cannabinoids and whether THC is homogeneously distributed throughout the infused product. If a MIP’s product is only partially infused, then a MIP must also identify to the testing facility which portions of the infused products are infused and which portions are not.