Sean McAllister Elected to the NCIA Board of Directors

Sean McAllister was one of the 11 candidates elected today to the National Cannabis Industry Association’s board of directors. Sean will serve on the board for the next two years and will be in a prime position to influence national cannabis policy. With 3 candidates vying for each available seat, 34 total candidates, this was the most-contested NCIA board election ever. If you are member of NCIA, Sean is grateful for your support. If you are not a member yet, we strongly urge you to join the leading cannabis industry group in the nation by clicking here.

Part of Sean’s platform is to help NCIA expand its political action committee (PAC) so that the industry can communicate with more politicians to treat our industry fairly. To contribute to the PAC, please click here. We all need to come together to finally change federal law on issues like 280E reform, banking reform, and deferring to states’ rights to determine their own cannabis policy. Sean will be speaking at the Oakland NCIA Cannabis Business Summit in June. You can attend by clicking here.  If you have any suggestions for Sean on how NCIA can improve its work, please contact us at