Today, in response to inquiries regarding Industry-Wide Bulletin 20-03, the MED clarified  what it means by temporary modifications to licensed premises to allow medical and retail stores to provide curbside services:

Medical and Retail Marijuana Stores seeking to provide “curbside” service pursuant to the Emergency Rules, but at a location that creates limitations for “curbside” service (for example, Medical and Retail Stores without a private parking lot or facing a public sidewalk) may consider making temporary modifications to their Licensed Premises to facilitate sales and pick-up transactions in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Emergency Rules and applicable state-issued orders. For example, temporary modifications may facilitate sales and pick-up transactions at the immediate entryway of the Store.

Licensees should continue to consult with local jurisdictions concerning this as well, and we will continue to monitor developments. We are in constant contact with MED officials and the governor’s office. If you have questions, please contact us. The McAllister Garfield, P.C. team