McAllister Law Offices To Expand Into California

Attorney Sean McAllister passed the California bar exam and plans to expand his legal services throughout the Golden State in the near future. McAllister Law Offices has garnered praise for its progressive approach to marijuana cases in its home state of Colorado and will continue to push forward in California.

McAllister Law Offices is excited about the opportunity to practice in the great state of California,” Sean McAllister stated. “Our experience in Colorado has strengthened the resolve to bring fairness to marijuana offenses and other minor drug-related crimes, and we look forward to assisting the people of California.”

In addition to criminal cases, McAllister Law Offices supports entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry in drafting articles of incorporation, promissory notes with investors, operating agreements and vendor contracts. Sean McAllister has earned national attention for his work in Colorado and was featured in the CNN documentary series High Profits for his work with the Breckenridge Dispensary. He has also been a guest on the NBC Nightly News and contributed to Newsweek.

McAllister Law Offices will open a branch in San Diego within the next 12 months, and Sean subsequently intends to work throughout California in coming years. The leading marijuana attorney will expand from Colorado – one of the nation’s first states to legalize recreational pot – into perhaps the most active state in the industry, a hub for growers and accessory producers.

“Many of our Colorado clients are beginning to get involved in the California marijuana market, so this expansion is a perfect fit for McAllister Law Offices,” Sean commented. “Our expertise will be invaluable to cannabis entrepreneurs in the Golden State, as well as drug offenders that face unreasonable sentences as a result of questionable policies surrounding the use and sale of marijuana.”

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