McAllister Garfield Is Proud To Work With American Indian Tribes

McAllister Garfield is proud to work with American Indian tribes leading the way on cannabis issues in Indian country. Here is a Press Release from the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin, who recently adopted a Tribal Ordinance legalizing CBD production and use on tribal lands, as well as paving the way for development of a tribally owned CBD business.

Located in northwestern Wisconsin, the Tribe plans to use a now-defunct fish hatchery to cultivate genetic hemp clones and produce non-psychoactive CBD products for use in the treatment of legitimate medical conditions.

The Tribe’s plans for CBD production on its reservation dovetail nicely with a variety of salient cannabis issues nationally, such as tribal sovereignty, DEA and DOJ’s marijuana policy for states and Indian country, FDA’s recent request for comment on medicinal and/or therapeutic value of CBD, and tribal parity with states vis-à-vis cannabis issues. Additionally, the Tribe’s plan to open a tribally owned CBD business will bring economic development to a region of the Great Lakes that has one of the highest unemployment rates in Wisconsin, while making non-psychoactive CBD products available to individuals and families in need.

McAllister Garfield’s work in Indian country is driven by the triumvirate values of sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and self-determination. Tribes interested in cannabis are faced with many different circumstances than their state counterparts, making entry into the market a complicated process. McAllister Garfield has extensive experience in helping tribes to navigate this process and looks forward to further assisting Indian country in cannabis endeavors.