McAllister Garfield Now In Los Angeles and San Diego

Denver, Colorado – November 10, 2016 – Renowned Colorado drug attorney Sean McAllister has taken oath in the state of California and is now licensed to practice law in the Golden State. McAllister Garfield already has lawyers on the ground in San Diego and Los Angeles, and the firm plans to hire additional attorneys to handle the large expected case load.

“I am honored to begin practicing in the great state of California, the pioneer in the legal cannabis industry,” Sean McAllister stated. “With the approval of Proposition 64 to make recreational marijuana legal in California, this is a great time for McAllister Garfield to get involved and assist entrepreneurs as they expand into the state, as well as drug offenders that need dependable counsel as they face charges.”

McAllister Garfield has built a national reputation for its work in Colorado over the past several years. The firm represents clients from all corners of the marijuana industry including growers, dispensaries, lenders, investors, landlords and social media companies. Sean McAllister was an integral part of the team that drafted Amendment 64 to legalize recreational cannabis in Colorado and has been featured on the CNN documentary series High Profits and the NBC Nightly News. In passing the California Bar Exam, he became the first major marijuana lawyer licensed to practice in both California and Colorado.

Sean has been participating in the California rulemaking process and is well-versed in the likely shape of the state’s new rules. His focus will be to help national clients to understand the California market and get them strategically ready to enter the market. As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand nationwide, McAllister is proud to have a foothold in the state where it all started.

“After all of our groundbreaking work in Colorado, we are thrilled to bring our expertise in complex marijuana litigation cases west to California,” Sean McAllister commented. “We look forward to serving our clients and the people of California as we continue the push for a more progressive approach to handling marijuana-related legal matters. Our presence in the California spotlight will hopefully bring much-needed national attention to our cause.”

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