Legal Advantages of Hemp and CBD Products


In 17 states, there is some form of hemp legalization, including Colorado, California, Florida, and other major states. Hemp and CBD are now everywhere. If you go to a massage studio, you’ll find Hemp CBD lotion. If you go to a drugstore, you’ll find Hemp lip balm. You’ll find Hemp shampoo. These products are everywhere, and it’s a growing multi-billion dollar industry, that is being taken advantage of in a smart way by entrepreneurs every day.

The hemp industry is less regulated than cannabis. It doesn’t suffer the stigma of cannabis. You probably won’t have the same issues with your bank, dealing with Hemp and CBD that you do with cannabis, because it’s a non-psychoactive form of cannabis. It has been arguably legalized by the pharm bill, by the Congress, and the Federal Government, and it’s legal at many state levels. You have Amazon shipping Hemp and CBD nationwide, you’ve had Target putting Hemp and CBD on their website.

This is a major new market that is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to get involved, and the lawyers at McAllister Garfield are highly specialized in this area of law. We’ve been able to help our clients navigate complaints by FDA, or concerns at the state level, and continue to operate and make money in the Hemp and CBD area. I encourage people to reach out to us, to talk to us about this exciting opportunity in Hemp and CBD. It will be a multi-billion dollar industry before we’re done. I think it’s a huge opportunity, so I encourage you to reach out to us.