Colorado Litigators’ Summit – Virtual

Sean McAllister is well known as an accomplished business litigator in the cannabis and hemp
space. Based on his expertise, the Colorado Bar Association has asked him to speak at the
upcoming Litigation Summit. Sean’s accomplishments in litigation are many, but include the

  • Represented a cannabis company sued by a customer of who claimed the company should have
    protected him from robbery after leaving the store. The court returned a directed verdict in the
    client’s favor;
  • Represented an owner of a licensed grow in a breach of contract litigation, where the seller of
    the grow license argued our client failed to pay the purchase price. Prior to trial, the seller’s only
    offer was for our client to pay $900,000+ to settle the case. After trial, the judge awarded our
    client a $502,000+ in damages due to the seller’s breach;
  • Represented dispensary owners where growers claimed to be owed money or promised
    ownership in exchange for their cultivation services. The verdict came back 100% in favor of the
    dispensary owner;
  • Defended the nation’s first product liability case against an infused product manufacturer with
    a successful outcome;
  • Defended Colorado’s only federal criminal prosecution of a dispensary owner for federal
    money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act violations with a successful outcome;
  • Defended a cannabis company in a Proposition 65 (cancer warning) lawsuit in California;
  • Sued state regulators numerous times regarding due process violations in the administration of
    regulatory rules; and
  • Sued a state in order to get a Native American tribe the right to grow hemp prior to the passage
    of the Farm Bill.

Please consider attending this litigation summit to learn more about the risks of cannabis and
hemp litigation.

McAllister Garfield, P.C.