Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Cannabis Operators and New Investors

We started representing the first operators in Colorado in 2008, 2009. The best businesses in this industry have a combination of real business players and legacy operators who understand the culture; who understand the plant, but we also have embraced the new investment money that is coming.

We represent several private equity funds that have invested in this industry and are pioneers and taking chances with tens of millions of dollars, and those private equity funds have trusted us to help them understand this industry; to marry them to operators who understand how to run a business like this day to day because ultimately our goal is to respect that historical legacy operator and marry them to the new money they’re going to need to keep up with this intense regulatory regime.

And if you do those things, you’ll respect the pioneers in this industry, you’ll bring in new money that is able to sophisticate those players and create a successful business, and that’s why our firm has a combination of people with connections to that historical world but also a deep understanding of corporate law and corporate governance and C Corps and S Corps and LLCs, and all the things that you need to know.