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Marijuana Business Attorney

Sean McAllister is a leading marijuana industry attorney in Colorado. Mr. McAllister helped draft Amendment 64 and he has represented hundreds of dispensaries and marijuana companies since 2009. McAllister Law Office represents some of the leading marijuana companies in Colorado and is a full service business law firm for the marijuana industry.


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It is essential in this highly regulated industry that companies have sophisticated business contracts. McAllister Law Office provides plenary services for new and existing businesses, including drafting articles of incorporation, operating agreements, and promissory notes with investors, management agreements with key employees, and contracts with vendors.


McAllister Law Office provides a full range of services for marijuana businesses, including business matters involving the Colorado marijuana laws including Amendment 64, medical marijuana criminal & civil attorney, and marijuana product representation attorney matters.


Moreover, McAllister Law Office is pioneering strategies to take marijuana companies national, working on creating public companies to expand into the more than 20 states that currently allow medical or recreational marijuana. Finally, the firm specializes in defending dispensaries in state enforcement actions based on alleged rules violations, with numerous successful outcomes to its credit.


Criminal Defense Attorney

Clients of Denver Attorney Sean McAllister trust him and his law firm to protect their rights. McAllister Law Office handles a range of misdemeanor and felony charges and is licensed in both state and federal court.

  • Felony and misdemeanor criminal defense
  • Drug possession and distribution charges
  • DUI - DWAI criminal defense attorney


Denver criminal attorney lawyer Sean Mcallister


Mr. McAllister has over 14 years of experience as a criminal lawyer with extensive trial and pre-trial litigation to his credit. His trial victories include wins in vehicular homicide, marijuana cultivation, felony drug possession, felony assault, DUI, and domestic violence cases. While the McAllister Law Office is best known for its work on high profile drug cases, it also represents regular people on simple misdemeanor, DUI, domestic violence, and theft cases. Sean McAllister is one of the state's leading experts on drugged driving, including driving under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs and one of Sean's cases led to the firing of the state toxicology lab and the shutdown of the state testing lab.

Denver DUI Defense Attorney

We work for the best possible DUI result quickly and with minimal stress for you.   If you’ve been charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in the Denver metro area, you may need to hire a friendly attorney right now to help you through this process.


McAllister Law Office can help you with these DUI related problems and more:

  • DUI - DWAI Defense Attorney
  • Contest Field Sobriety Test
  • Probable Cause
  • First Time Offender
  • Prior Convictions For DUI-DWAI
Sean McAllister is one of the state’s leading experts on the science of marijuana in the blood as it relates to DUI. From 2009-2011, Sean served on the state's Drug Policy Task Force, a committee of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. He was appointed co-chair of the DUID-Marijuana Sub-Committee that conducted an extensive review of drugged driving laws in 2011. He has talked to every significant expert in the world about the validity and application of the state’s very strict 5 ng/ml level for marijuana in the blood in DUI cases. He has tried and prevailed on DUI-Marijuana cases and has worked out hundreds of favorable plea agreements in these kind of cases.


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Sean T. McAllister is one of Colorado's leading drug policy reform lawyers. His practice focuses on marijuana business issues, criminal defense, and DUI. Mr. McAllister's practice is expanding to serve his clients throughout the state of Colorado.


  • 2009 Gideon Award Winner from the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • 2009 Friend of Reform Award Winner from Sensible Colorado
  • 2013 MVP from the Cannabis Business Awards
  • 2015 MVP from the Cannabis Business Awards
  • 2016 Top Lawyers 5280 Magazine


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