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You have been charged with a crime in Colorado and your future hangs in the balance. You need knowledge, strength, experience, and confidence on your side.  Clients of Denver Attorney Sean McAllister trust him and his law firm to protect their rights in both felonies and misdemeanors and all matters relating to the new and old Marijuana laws here in Colorado.


Mr. McAllister has over 14 years of experience as a criminal lawyer with extensive trial and pre-trial litigation to his credit. His trial victories include wins in vehicular homicide, marijuana cultivation, felony drug possession, felony assault, DUI, domestic violence, and business civil litigation cases. The McAllister Law Office's philosophy is to provide clients with personalized attention and to work closely with them in mounting an effective defense. The firm offers a wide array of criminal defense legal services including:

Mr. McAllister’s practice is expanding to serve his clients throughout the state of Colorado.

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Sean T. McAllister is one of Colorado’s leading drug policy reform lawyers. His practice focuses on criminal matters, medical marijuana issues, criminal defense, and DUI.

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