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California Permanent Cannabis Regulations Released: 15 days to comment

Friends, Today, the three California cannabis regulatory bodies announced the release of new proposed final regulations. The Bureau of Cannabis Control’s proposed final regulations can be found here. The Department of Public Health’s proposed final regulations can be found here. The Department of Food and Agriculture’s proposed final regulations can be found here. It is […]

Most Important Things to Know When Starting a Cannabis Business in California

The first thing people always ask me is, “What do I do first?” And the answer is you need to find a local location at the local government level that is allowed for your business type. You may have a great idea for a dispensary or a grow, but if your city of Encinitas, or […]

Opportunities in the California Cannabis Market

California is the largest cannabis market in the country. In fact, now that 42 million people have access to both adult use and medical marijuana in California, that market is half of the currently legal US market right now. People ask me, “Why is California exciting?” California has some of the best rules in the […]

Summary of New California Cannabis Laws

McAllister Garfield is highly active in the California cannabis industry as it transitions to full regulation, with lawyers in L.A. and Santa Cruz. California continues to clarify its rules through local and state regulation and also through new legislation. A brief summary of the cannabis-related bills signed into law in this year’s legislative session is […]

Law Firm Specializing in Cannabis Law

McAllister Garfield is a law firm with lawyers in Colorado, California, and Oregon. Primarily, we focus on Colorado and California, because those are the two most successful states to date and the biggest markets that are both adult use and medical. We start companies up, help them raise money, and help them design return to […]

Colorado Compliance Reminder

Late Friday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado indicated a shift in enforcement strategy regarding state-licensed marijuana businesses in Colorado. The acting U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer said in an interview with The Denver Post that his office is working with the Drug Enforcement Administration and drug task forces around Colorado to bring […]

Hemp Farm Products and Commodity Handlers’ Licenses

It is harvesting time in Colorado and before you buy hemp or hemp seeds, you may need to obtain a license from the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) first. The CDA requires all purchasers of commodities and farm products in the state to obtain licenses. These licensing requirements extend to industrial hemp and industrial hemp […]

Legal Advantages of Hemp and CBD Products

    In 17 states, there is some form of hemp legalization, including Colorado, California, Florida, and other major states. Hemp and CBD are now everywhere. If you go to a massage studio, you’ll find Hemp CBD lotion. If you go to a drugstore, you’ll find Hemp lip balm. You’ll find Hemp shampoo. These products […]

Industrial Hemp and Hemp Products Testing in Colorado Retail Marijuana Testing Facilities

On September 21, 2018, the Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division the (“MED”), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (“CDPHE”), and the Colorado Department of Agriculture (“CDA”) issued a bulletin authorizing licensed Retail Marijuana Testing Facilities to test industrial hemp and industrial hemp products derived from hemp cultivated by a CDA registrant. […]

Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Cannabis Operators and New Investors

We started representing the first operators in Colorado in 2008, 2009. The best businesses in this industry have a combination of real business players and legacy operators who understand the culture; who understand the plant, but we also have embraced the new investment money that is coming. We represent several private equity funds that have […]